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Chairman's Message

What is IFIE all about?

Those of us that are actively involved with IFIE already have a sense of what we are trying to achieve and why it is so important to participate. It takes a strong commitment from members to make a young organization successful and to ensure that it makes steady progress towards its goals. I don't think we can ever remind people enough of who we are and why we work so hard to improve investor education. Let me take a few minutes to highlight what IFIE is all about.


Formed in 2005 to improve investor education on a worldwide basis so that individuals in all jurisdictions are able to make informed choices about financial products and investments, IFIE's mission has never been more critical than in this period of global efforts to rebuild and restore trust in capital markets. A group of global leaders and practitioners, IFIE's government, regulatory, private and non-profit organisations work together to recommend and share best practices in investor education across jurisdictions. IFIE also organises regional subcommittees of organisations providing investor education that share common concerns, needs and market conditions such as in Asia and Middle East/North Africa.

IFIE's website - - is a clearinghouse of information, resources and expertise on different facets of investor education strategy, program and practice. Every 12 to 18 months, IFIE and IOSCO partner on a global conference on critical issues in investor education. Some 133 jurisdictions were represented at the last two extremely successful conferences in Madrid and Washington, D.C. The 2010 IFIE-IOSCO conference titled "Restoring Trust in the Capital Markets" will be held in Cairo in November.

IFIE members have opportunities to share expertise in this pioneering effort to strengthen the quality and impact of investor education programmes around the world. IFIE's rapid growth allows members to develop additional relationships and linkages; share best strategies, practice and implementation; receive e-newsletters and attend webinars; help their investor education professionals develop knowledge and skills; find ways to organize to provide investor education programmes across global-regional jurisdictions and develop capacity to target particular groups of investors such as elders, young people or women. This past spring, IFIE released its inaugural survey of investor education providers globally, both members and non-members. IFIE will do this survey annually, providing special insight on trends for IFIE members.

IFIE Defined

IFIE's Vision is to create and promote the highest possible standards for and the most efficient delivery of investor education around the globe.

IFIE's Mission is to help investors in all financial markets better understand the risks and opportunities associated with various types of investments and the investment process.

IFIE's Key Principles

  • Establishing and promoting the standards of best practices for investor education on a global basis.
  • Serving as a clearinghouse for the exchange of information and ideas among providers of investor education operating in different jurisdictions. See
  • Encouraging the establishment, growth and improved effectiveness of comprehensive investor education programs.

IFIE's Organisation

  • All IFIE officers are volunteers and serve for three year terms.
  • IFIE has three officers, Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer/Secretary.
  • IFIE has an Advisory Committee that oversees the organizations activities.
  • IFIE has a paid, part-time Secretariat that is currently staffed by The Hastings Group.

IFIE's Background/History Milestones

  • Originated in 2005 by some of the members of the International Council of Securities Agencies (ICSA), who identified a growing need for educational non-commercial, non-governmental tools for individual investors.
  • Broadened its membership umbrella in 2007 to include all non- commercial organizations focused on investor education. Amended charter to accommodate these changes.
  • Created a partnership with International Organisation of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) to hold global conferences for investor education every 12 to 18 months beginning in 2007.
  • In 2008, identified a need to create forums for smaller groups with tight cultural and regional affinities to share information as a complimentary effort to the global organisation. This led to the establishment of Asia Forum for Investor Education (AFIE) and the Middle East North Africa International Forum for Investor Education (MENA IFIE).
  • Membership currently approaches 30 organisations representing almost every continent and growth continues at a fast pace.

IFIE's Current Activities

  • Continuously refreshed website containing member profiles and sample tools and standards.
  • Electronic clearinghouse of information and ideas with the website as its hub.
  • Networking events and creating fora for sharing ideas among professionals with similar roles.
  • Best practices (including Code of Practice) sharing through webinars and other methods.
  • Annual survey of investor education programmes offered around the world.
  • Quarterly Newsletter.
  • Global Investor Conference jointly sponsored with IOSCO and held every 12 to 18 months.

Highlights of IFIE Membership Benefits

  • Significant registration discounts at its global conferences.
  • Private access to the clearinghouse website for access to new and innovative investor education programmes and ideas.
  • Access to best practices webinars.
  • Access to more in depth information from the annual global investor education programme survey.
  • Networking events and facilities that bring together investor education professionals to share ideas and experiences.
  • Opportunity to help shape global investor education efforts and to help build a great global organization.

The Value of IFIE Membership is growing every day. But no benefit is more important than the opportunity to shape our organization and make it more effective. As a young organization, there are no barriers to idea generation and creating changes…in fact, we want to facilitate that. I can only tell you that my experience has been that we are making great contributions to investor education while we have had a great deal of fun building a great organization. We hope you will make the commitment to participate.


Steve Joachim
International Forum for Investor Education

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Focus on: IFIE/IOSCO 2010 Conference

The third joint investor education conference of the International Forum for Investor Education (IFIE) and the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) will be held 8-9 November 2010 in Cairo, Egypt and will be sponsored by the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority. The 2010 IFIE/IOSCO investor education conference follows the organizations' successful gatherings in 2007 in Madrid and 2009 in Washington, D.C.

This will be an unique opportunity to learn from and network with the world's leading experts on investor education. Start making plans today to attend this essential gathering for all professionals dealing with investor education matters!

Conference attendees will be limited and advance registration is strongly recommended. Early-bird conference rates and other registration details will be posted shortly on

To sign up for updates on major speakers, panelists and conference agenda details and to be contacted with more information once registration is open, please email Ailis Aaron Wolf at

Conference sponsorship opportunities are available. For more information about becoming a conference sponsor, please contact Ailis Aaron Wolf at +1 (703) 276-3265 or

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Investor Education Around the Globe

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka (SEC) was established in pursuance of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka Act, No. 36 of 1987 as amended by Act No. 26 of 1991 and Act No. 18 of 2003. The Commission's objects include: the creation and maintenance of a market in which securities can be issued and traded in an orderly and fair manner; the protection of the interest of investors; the operation of a Compensation Fund to protect investors from financial loss arising as a result of any licensed stock broker or licensed stock dealer being found incapable of meeting his contractual obligations; and the regulation of the securities market and to ensure that professional standards are maintained in such market. As part of their missions to protect investors, the Commission is involved with overseeing two investor protection funds. Additionally, the Commission offers investor education materials on its Web site.

The Libyan Stock Market was established by Decision No. (134) of the General People's Committee (GPCO), on June 3, 2006 and officially opened in Tripoli, Libya, during March 2007. It is the first exchange of its kind in the country. The first phase focused on introducing financial definitions and rules, the addition of several workshop courses, and a series of agreements with the Amman Stock Exchange and Cairo & Alexandria Stock Exchange and the Egyptian Company for Clearance and deposit. A cooperation agreement was signed on 18 October 2007 in London between the Libyan Stock Exchange Market and London Stock Exchange. The agreement was signed by the Chairman of Administration and General Director of the Committee for Libyan Stock Exchange Market and the Director of the London Stock Exchange. The agreement provides for training teams from the Libyan Stock Exchange in Tripoli and in London to enable them to run the stock market operations. In addition there will be regular reviews of the Libyan regulations and systems, to modernise them from time to time, and for seminars and conferences organised by the London Stock Exchange. In order to educate investors, the Libyan Stock Market provides an "Investors Corner" on its Web site with Q&A and information about investing in listed companies.

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IFIE Member Profile

Taiwan Securities Association (TSA) was established in February 1956. At that time, TSA was named Taipei Securities Dealer Association and located in Taipei city as a regional association. In order to be a nationwide association, TSA therefore applied for on January 26, 1998 and received the approval from the Ministry of the Interior (MOI). TSA then held its first members' meeting on April 4, 1998 to elect the directors and supervisors who afterwards elected their chairman and chief supervisors, respectively. TSA formally became a unique national Securities Association following the merger with Kaohsiung Securities Dealers Association on December 31, 1999. Its membership included 156 securities firms and bank's securities divisions as on June 13, 2007, which operated a total of 1,029 branch offices in addition to their headquarters offices. The Association is primarily involved in helping securities industry improve its competitiveness via facilitation the dialogue between industry and regulators and through research on new business and financial products. Our mission is to coordinate the efforts among securities companies in Taiwan to promote the national economic development while coordinate the relations among member companies, to pursue the commonwealth of the society as well as protect the interests of investors.

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